BUT I’VE GOT SO MUCH WICKEDNESS AND SIN. For the cut-throat ladies dressed in white lace trying to cage the blackness in their heart. [listen

1. Siren Song - Bat For Lashes // 2. Satellite Heart - Anya Marina // 3. Dark in My Imagination - Of Verona // 4. Gods and Monsters - Lana Del Rey // 5. Howl - Florence + the Machine // 6. Eyes of Fire - Blue Foundation // 7. Smother - Daughter // 8. Black Dog - Kelli Schaefer // 9. We Must Be Killers - Mikky Ekko // 10. Carmen - Lana Del Rey // 11. Teen Idle - Marina & the Diamonds

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curiotea: When writing a POC, what are common stereotypical roles to avoid? In return, what would POC like to see portrayed more in literature?


That’s a broad subject that simply can’t be handled within a single post. PoC is an umbrella term for a wide range of races and ethnic groups, each unfortunately coming with their own fair share of harmful stereotypes. 

  • When you want to go for clichés you need to specify exactly which race you’re talking about. That’d the way to go when doing research. 
  • When it comes to what people of color want, that’s a broad question as well. We’re all different and have different needs, but in the long run, most readers want to be represented more, and to be represented well. The two needs should be always linked together. PoC shouldn’t have to settle with authors’ cheap attempts at diversity. 
  • PoC should be part of narratives. They should have their own narratives, completely dedicated to them. They should not be mere plot devices to further a white main character’s story. 

That’s just mentioning a tidbit. More can be seen in our tags about diversity, representation, and PoC. Z’s tag for white writers is full of things worth reading.

Resources are out there. You just have to look for them. Writers, specially white writers, need to do the effort and actively look for resources themselves, not expect being catered to by people of color. 

However, this was a question worth pointing out and something our followers could definitely collaborate on, via replying. Share your insight if you’d like to.


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Sunny Theme by Tukut 

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This is my second original theme! I put in a ton of useful new things as well as tons of features that I know you guys like. Please enjoy and send me an ask if you have questions or find any glitches!

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☆*:.。GHIBLI PIXELS.。.:*☆


imagereally long so i’m putting it under a readmore

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Cookie Dough Fudge.

Get the recipe here »

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deep dish chocolate chip cookie with salted caramel

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How To: Plant Seeds Using Eggshells // 17 Apart

I think this is such a cute idea. Once they finally sprout you can transfer them into your pot or the ground and the eggshells will breakdown around it. 

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My Chemical Romance - Fake Your Death [FULL VERSION]

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